CBD might be for me…..

So I’ve been miserable. For over a month now. I started with headaches over a month ago that gradually increased to migraines. I guess I have a moderate to small amount of stress but extremely high anxiety. I count two anxiety attacks within the last month and a half. It’s been a rough few weeks. The migraines are horrible. I’m deathly afraid I have a tumor. “it’s not a tumor”  I’ve been wanting to use that. Anyways.
 All jokes aside I’ve been to the doctor and then the ER. The migraines won’t subside. But they aren’t always migraines. They’re tension headaches, stress headaches and also anxiety headaches. Doc said it was stress and allergies. ER said it was a combo of it all. Chiropractor says it’s my back. So I got adjusted. Have to do these Exercises for “upper cross” as he called it. Computer or Tech neck.

 Apparently it’s society today. I sit at a conputer for 8 hours. Then I did 4 years of schoolwork. I played video games and have an iPad and a cell phone. My own fault. Anywho. So after like six prescriptions, a call to the neurologist (who isn’t available until September) im laying here with a splitting headache. I’ve been taking magnesium, Omega-3, imitrex and muscle relaxers as neeed and the typical naproxen or excedrin migraine. Still hours later a headache. I literally want to rip my skull off. It’s horrible. 

Me being me, googled other treatments.  I can’t smoke weed anymore. I have anxiety attacks. No matter the strain or the type. I’ve tried both sativas and indicas as well as hybrid. All good grade stuff. Even Reggie is out of the question. CBD for anxiety. So side note, I’m praying it’s still not a tumor but I’m pretty sure it’s my anxiety. It’s ridiculous. I start to hyperventilate for no reason. 

So I bought a bottle of CBD oil tonight. I think it’s only like 100mg which is a lower dosage but I can work my way up. I bought the vape juice instead of the edibles. Just because I don’t trust endibles from a tobacco store. Lol  r commended dosage is 20mg to start. My husband filled up the tank and I puffed away. Now I know I don’t get high. That’s why I wanted it. And I’ve read I won’t feel the effects of CBD immediately as most don’t but over time it will show. 
However after a long day of anxiety and headaches I started to feel relaxed and the headaches was there but more tolerable. I must have taken 15 hits before anything. I got giggly but could be the placebo effect. But I stopped. An hour later boom. Massive headache back and even worse. So I said ok a few puffs and I’m going to bed. Well there’s nothing major happening yet but I have my hopes high. I felt a small effect from a small dosage so who knows what the higher dosages will do. 100mg is very low dose but if I start low I might not need as much as long as it’s a constant. We shall see. 

Say some prayers for me that this helps anxiety because I hate medicine and that the headaches ceases immediately. Love you guys that actually read these. 

Laters. πŸ’š (because green is appropriate right now πŸ˜‰)


Author: mzbipolarbear

I have BPD. I am a Christian. I have conversations with myself. I also answer myself. I hate sauerkraut. I love peanut butter. I love the color pink. I hate to swim. I detest the sound a cockroach makes when you squish it. I don't like the word "moist". I forgive everyone. I love playing Elder Scrolls online. On Xbox one. GT is MzBipolarBear. What what!!!!!! β€πŸ‘πŸΌ

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