A week off and I come back to drama, arguments, changes, annoyance and all sorts of others. Man I really hate this place (work) because of the people sometimes. I get sucked into this mess every single time. Not this time. My mouth is staying shut. I need a vacation already. Women are horrible sometimes. I honestly would love to smash a few heads against each other. However I’m going to try to remain positive and stay out of the lime light. Teach the new people and move on. THIS is why I get so angry sometimes. I’m changing my phone number!!!! 

❤️ Laters. 


Brain reset

Backpacking is physically exhausting. However it is mentally relaxing for me. I love being smack in the middle of the woods listening to the wonderful sounds of nature. The birds singing, the wind blowing, the crickets chirping, the distant sounds of the trees cracking and feeling the sunshine on my face. Relaxation at its best. I love love love my ENO hammock by the way. You should totally get one. Best invention ever. It literally went up in about 30 seconds. The boys (doggies) did amazingly well. We couldn’t have been prouder of them. Never left our side and loved going on adventure walks. Ahhhh the be in the woods. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming boys and girls….