Oh yeah. The rollercoast ride came back down. And boy was it a bitch this time. In about another two weeks it’ll be going up again. The down part sucks. Meh. πŸ˜’

Laters. ❣️


Self awareness

One of the biggest characteristics people lack is self awareness. Understanding the words or actions or mannerisms that you say or do to others helps you put things ina different perspective. The majority of us cannot enable our self awareness because we are so damn absorbed in ourselves it’s like a black hole labeled “me, me, me, me, me, me…..” ok you get my drift. 

The next time you say something to someone do the following:  stop. βœ‹πŸΌ think about your words πŸ’­ put yourself in their shoes πŸ‘Ÿ now replay the entire thing you just said but allow yourself to be the one that received the words. If you just told your wife to wait, or your husband shut up, or you children not now….imagine the feeling they have. Even the smallest simple words can hurt. I’m not saying become a softie and walk on egg shells. Heck no. I’ll put someone on their place immediately. However stop and think about your own actions. Be aware of the actions, words and mannerisms you use. Once you become self aware you can make changes. 

Let me guess, you don’t need to change right? They do. Because they’re the ones that are always wrong and you’re right. If you think that then you’re a self centered narcissistic  asshole. Excuse my French. However. The world my dear does not revolve around you. So get over yourself.  Yep if you think it’s about you then it probably is. Mmmm hmmmmm. 

I have no clue where this tangent came from tonight. Btw. Watch the movie USS Indianapolis. Aaaaahhhhhmazing movie. Cried like a baby. Then again I’m a highly sensitive person so when don’t I cry right? πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Laters ❀

Here it comes again…..

It’s just another Manic Monday….ooooh weeee oooooh….no. It’s gonna be about a month of manic not just a day. It’s like an effin rollercoaster sometimes. Although the initial high is great, the coming down part sucks. Can’t lie though…..the going up is the best part of bipolar. It’s honestly like a drug I can’t get enough of. Speaking of. I gave up the ganja. Had to. Trying to get a better job. So now that I have nothing to control the irritable part of my mania this could be fun. I might actually slap a….let me stop. Trying to be a better person. Well hopefully this ride isn’t too bumpy and I come back to the ground soon. Here we go. Time for take off……. feeling like a million bucks. ❀❀ laters.