Quality Time = Video Games

So why do my husband and I spend more quality time together on a deeper connection when we play video games together? 

I’m just saying girls. If you’re not playing video games WITH your husband or boyfriend you’re totally missing out. Not only do you get more interaction from him but it’s also something he loves and you’ll have fun too. Damn. I should write a book on how to be the perfect girl. I’ll leave the part out where I threw a candle holder across the room the other night……. 

What? Don’t judge me…..I am not perfect. But I’m pretty damn good at this game now. Plus I met some really cool people along the way….
I’m also slightly a nerd and read the books in the game. The lusty Argonian is still one of my favorites. 

Plus you get to take cool pics:

Ok. Sleep time. Laters. 💞


Author: mzbipolarbear

I have BPD. I am a Christian. I have conversations with myself. I also answer myself. I hate sauerkraut. I love peanut butter. I love the color pink. I hate to swim. I detest the sound a cockroach makes when you squish it. I don't like the word "moist". I forgive everyone. I love playing Elder Scrolls online. On Xbox one. GT is MzBipolarBear. What what!!!!!! ❤👍🏼

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