2nd post… am I allowed to do 2 in 1 Day? 

So what’s the “norm” or “etiquette” for blogging? Are you allowed to blog once a day? Or is this anytime I’m bored? Or when I have something to say? Who cares? This is my blog so fu** it. I’ll do what I want. 

So I’m a Christian. A crappy one. But (yes I know you don’t start a sentence with but either). ….ok pause… let me get this off my chest first. I know the English language. I understand grammar. I am a grammar nazi, however; this is MY blog and if I wanna use piss poor grammar I will. Thanks. Anyways…. back to me being a crappy Christian. Well I am. I believe in God. I believe Jesus is the messiah. I goto church. However i consistently fall short of being a good Christian. Thankfully the Father forgives. 

Ok so there’s that. So about my borderline personality disorder. It’s something I’d never wish on my own worst enemy. Living this lif is…well as my husband says…never a dull moment. 

I have these severely intense emotions. I call it just being empathetic. However it consumes me. I really want to hurt things sometimes. I want to break stuff. I want to punch shit. Yeah. Little ole me. It’s like this completely other person at time. How do you control an uncontrollable rage? *sigh* my life is exhausting. 

Time for church. Laters. 💖


Author: mzbipolarbear

I have BPD. I am a Christian. I have conversations with myself. I also answer myself. I hate sauerkraut. I love peanut butter. I love the color pink. I hate to swim. I detest the sound a cockroach makes when you squish it. I don't like the word "moist". I forgive everyone. I love playing Elder Scrolls online. On Xbox one. GT is MzBipolarBear. What what!!!!!! ❤👍🏼

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